Aggravated Battery Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois

Aggravated Battery Cases in Illinois: What Is Aggravated Battery?

In Illinois, aggravated battery is a felony charge related to battery. Battery, also known as malicious wounding, is when you knowingly or intentionally cause another person bodily harm with the use of force or violence. When that force is serious or malicious in nature and results in the victim being hospitalized for more than 24 hours or having a permanent disability or disfigurement as a result of the attack, it becomes an aggravated battery. If convicted of aggravated battery charges in Illinois, you could face time in prison and fines up to $25,000. If you are facing aggravated battery charges, contact an attorney right away to protect your rights and future. This blog post will explain more about aggravated battery charges in Illinois so read on to learn more.

Understanding Aggravated Battery Charges

Aggravated battery charges are usually filed as felony charges when the defendant intended to cause serious bodily injury to the victim. In Illinois, most aggravated battery charges are related to a stabbing or wound with a deadly weapon when the victim received a permanent disfigurement or disability from the attack. There are two levels of aggravated battery charges in Illinois. The first is aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. This charge occurs when the defendant used a deadly weapon, such as a knife, to cause injury. The second level of aggravated battery is when the defendant caused the victim to suffer from a permanent disability or disfigurement. This charge is applicable even if the defendant did not use a deadly weapon.

What is the Difference Between Battery and Aggravated Battery?

The main difference between battery and aggravated battery is the severity of the attack and the injuries the victim suffered. Battery is when a person knowingly and intentionally makes physical contact with another person. Battery is a less serious charge than an aggravated battery and does not result in any serious bodily injuries or hospitalization. When the force used during the battery is malicious and results in serious bodily injuries, the charge becomes an aggravated battery. The two charges are often confused with one another, but there are major differences between the two.

Penalties for Aggravated Battery in Illinois

– Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon: A person convicted of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in Illinois faces two to five years in prison, a $25,000 fine, or both. If the victim is a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, or fireman, the defendant could face up to seven years in prison. – Aggravated Battery Causing Great Bodily Injury: A person convicted of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm in Illinois faces two to five years in prison, a $25,000 fine, or both. If the victim is a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, or fireman, the defendant could face up to seven years in prison. – Aggravated Battery Causing Great Bodily Harm or Permanent Disability: A person convicted of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm or permanent disability in Illinois faces three to seven years in prison, a $25,000 fine, or both. If the victim is a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, or fireman, the defendant could face up to 10 years in prison.

Defenses Attorneys for Aggravated Battery Charges in Illinois

If you are facing aggravated battery charges in Chicago Illinois, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer to learn more about the charges against you and how the defense can help. A few common defenses used in battery charges include No intent to cause harm, self-defense, false accusations, and lack of injury. If you did not intend to cause bodily harm or if you were defending yourself, you did not commit the crime. If you used force to defend yourself against someone who attacked you, the charge may not apply to you. In Illinois, it is legal to use self-defense as a defense if you reasonably believe that you need to defend yourself or another person from bodily harm or death. You must have a reasonable belief that force is necessary to prevent the attack. False accusations are a common defense in aggravated battery charges. If the accuser is lying or mistakenly identified the defendant, the charges may be dropped. Most of the time, the police do not conduct a thorough investigation before arresting a person for aggravated battery. It is common for police to arrest the person they believe committed the crime even if there is not enough evidence to prove it. Another defense is lack of injury. Even if the defendant intended to cause harm, there must be some type of injury or damage. If the defendant used a weapon but did not cause any injury, it was not a valid or valid attack.

Defenses Lawyers for Aggravated Battery in Chicago

If you are facing aggravated battery charges in Illinois, you should contact an attorney right away. A criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the criminal justice system and explore all the possible defenses to aggravated battery charges. There are several defenses that may apply to your case, depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your arrest. If there is evidence of police misconduct or if the prosecution cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, the charges may be reduced or dismissed. If you are a victim of false accusations, your attorney can investigate the case and speak with the alleged victim. The attorney can also review the police report to identify any potential issues with the investigation. If the case goes to trial, the attorney can cross-examine any witnesses who testified against you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aggravated Battery Charges

What happens if I’m convicted of aggravated battery charges in Illinois? If you are convicted of aggravated battery charges in Illinois, you could face up to seven years in prison. Do I have to go to jail if I’m convicted of aggravated battery charges? It depends on the level of charges against you. If you are convicted of aggravated battery charges where the victim was hospitalized due to the attack, you could face up to seven years in prison. What happens if I am on probation when I am charged with aggravated battery? If you are on probation when you are charged with aggravated battery charges, you could be charged with a probation violation and sent back to jail. Do I have to pay fines if I am convicted of aggravated battery charges? If you are convicted of aggravated battery charges, you could face up to $25,000 in fines.


Aggravated battery charges are very serious. If convicted of aggravated battery, you could spend years in prison and incur thousands of dollars in fines. It is important to understand the charges against you and know your options for defense. You can protect your future by contacting an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

How to Secure a Space with Wire Security Partitions

Wire Security Partitions Produced to Code

Wire security partitions provide flexible, onsite storage for warehouses, apartments, employees, and military personnel. Wire security partitions can be an economical choice by utilizing existing space in your facility without compromising security. These partitions allow light exposure and airflow required without jeopardizing strength and these units are built to last. They are a terrific solution when secure storage is needed in your facility while still allowing free movement around the secure area.

Section 1: What Is a Wire Security Partition?

A wire security partition is a simple, low-cost way to provide secure, offsite storage in a new build environment. Partition walls can be constructed with the right kind of material and engineered for strength. Within your facility, partitions can be constructed using prefabricated or manufactured frames that are performed to produce a secure, long-lasting, efficient partition that doesn’t sacrifice the elements. This is done by ensuring that these partitions are made using standard, industry-standard partitions. With proper engineering, wire security partitions don’t need a thick layer of framing for protection and can be used in a variety of design solutions. One such example is the Mirror Driven Wire Security Partition.

Why Wire Security Partitions?

It is important to note the use of wire security partitions is based on military guidelines in conjunction with ISO standards. The partitions are manufactured with extreme precision to ensure they meet those standards. With the ISO and military standards, the build quality and operation can be considered among the highest in the industry.

The partitions are available in four sizes with storage capacities ranging from 16” to more than 30” wide, 12” to more than 35” high and with a depth of up to 4”. Custom design and standards are available to accommodate the needs of the military, warehouse, or warehouse owner.

Worker Safety, Security, And Environment

Access to the room is through double-door access to the partitioned room for limited exit and entries for security.

When to Use Wire Security Partitions

Currently, our state-of-the-art SafePoint Security Products are manufactured in the United States. Manufacturing in America provides the company with local customer service, logistics, and shipping that our European customers desire. Europe has an outsourced manufacturing solution and they take pride in offering a quality product at a reasonable cost. The SafePoint Solutions we manufacture, such as the EER in-cab packages, are built to last and are proudly made in America.

How to Install Wire Security Partitions

Wire security partitions are a good option for secure storage for warehouses, apartments, offices, military, schools, and any other facility requiring secure storage for some of their equipment or in-house personal items.

What to Know Before Installing a Wire Security Partition

There are many differences when installing a wire security partition. Learn about the top challenges that you may face with installation and what to consider before installing a wire security partition.

The most common question asked by residents and managers is “what can I do with the wire security partition?” This is where considerations like height and dimensions, wire length, and panel configuration come into play. If you know the access needs of your building, then plan for these needs as well. The answers to these questions will help ensure a successful installation.

How to Install a Wire Security Partition

Wiring partitions and wire cage partitions are commonly seen in facilities around the world, but there are other design options available including DIY options and custom-built units. Wire cages and wire partitions are typically made with metal, silicone, or plastic wire. A professional installation is required for each type of enclosure.

Wire cages typically have three layers of steel wire and are held together with hinges or piers. Wire cages are secured to floors with hardware, straps, or gravity. Wire cages are designed to be secured so that each layer of wire is accessible.

To protect sensitive equipment and/or documents, a secured wire security partition is a great choice. Wire security partitions provide the same benefits as wire cages but have a lower cost and weight.


While it is highly unlikely that someone could gain access to your critical or sensitive data through the perimeter fence, one cannot underestimate the fact that one cannot know when intruders are coming to your property. It is important to maintain a secure facility while still allowing the business to function as usual. Monitoring and security cameras are still a good option but when the cost is a factor, the Wire Security sectional partition might be a good alternative.

Choosing Window Treatments and Custom Blinds

When it pertains to interior decoration, the myriad of choices offered when revamping your house can be an amazing prospect without a doubt. From swatch-testing different shades of paint to combing Pinterest for inspo, styling your area is often a carefully intended operation. Yet, unfortunately, there’s frequently one thing that’s excluded from your design decisions; a second thought that is often left to a flippant stab-in-the-dark choice. Your home window treatments!

While obtaining caught up in the flurry of furniture, fixture, and fitting options, window therapies are hardly ever offered the focus they are worthy of. Yet in spite of their regarded absence of relevance, exactly how you select to clothe your window can actually make or damage your area.

That claimed, comprehending your options is crucial to making the best style choice. Regardless of what you may assume, the possibilities when it concerns window treatments are comprehensive, and also considering just how your home window room will bring your whole space with each other is critical.

To aid you to select the right window therapy for your room, we have actually broken down the top five most popular alternatives so you can understand when and also exactly how to use them …


Drapery or curtains can be utilized to create a wide range of various looks depending upon your optimal design. From the vibrant as well as dramatic to fresh and also laid-back, the fabric and also color you selected can affect the total style as well as feeling of your room. Long, hefty drapes bring an air of high-end as well as sophistication to an area, while drapes light in weight and shade established a fresh as well as breezy tone. You can also utilize a mix of drapery as well as blinds for an effective layered impact.

Use if: you want to produce a statement. Drapes are so efficient in living areas due to the added element of style that it achieves. That said, the versatility of drape implies that it’s not restricted to these areas and also various other locations of your home may additionally lend themselves to this design choice. Drape normally works best with larger windows, especially those which take up a great section of the room between the flooring as well as the ceiling.

Roman Tones

Roman shades are an additional choice that manages the flexibility of shade, pattern, and also material. Unlike drapes, however, they do not pack the same statement-making punch, however, they do still aid set the tone of a room. Suitable perfectly right into the home window area, roman tones allow you to display as much of the fabric as you want, developing the aesthetic you call for without attracting all the focus.

Use if: you don’t have much area around your home windows but still wish to have your home windows mirror your general aesthetic. Kitchens, washrooms as well as areas with limited wall area surrounding their home windows are wonderful challengers for roman shades.

Mobile Shades

Mobile tones are an incredibly practical option when it involves window therapies. Although they are available in a variety of shades, the design selections are limited in comparison to various other choices. That said, their performance at filtering system light and also reducing outside sound can not be contested.

Use if: you’re seeking an easy yet fashionable option with a performance at its heart. Cellular tones are perfect in bedrooms and various other areas where privacy is crucial.


Shutters absolutely set an elegant tone to your room, serving as a strong declaration in even the tiniest of spaces. Their straightforward yet efficient design makes up for the absence of options in regards to alternatives. Shades are limited, usually to white, lotion, black, and also brownish tones, but that’s typically completely factor; patterns, as well as vibrant shades, don’t truly fit with the overall ambiance shutters bring!

That claimed shutter styles do differ. Hacienda shutters are one of the most prominent designs, covering the whole window and also operating from a louver design device that makes for easy opening and closing.

Use if: you’re looking to bring a certain feel to your room. As an example, white shutters invoke a French rural, country, or home vibe while dark wood shutters create an innovative as well as sophisticated atmosphere.

Vertical Blinds

Blinds are very popular as they’re simple to tidy and among one of the most cost-effective choices. Offered in a range of materials as well as colors, upright blinds make covering huge home windows straightforward. Their easy procedure, fast change abilities, and also capacity to block out exterior weather conditions (protecting versus sunshine and cold) make them a fantastic choice for houses in any climate.

Usage if: you have a big space to cover. Upright blinds are exceptionally effective when made use of on patio doors or other big window areas yet they might be thought about much more a practical alternative than a statement piece.

Whichever home window treatment option you make use of, make certain you consider your choices as meticulously as you do the remainder of your room. You might in fact find that by selecting the right home window option, you’ll lower just how much you require to focus on the remainder of the area!