How to Secure a Space with Wire Security Partitions

Wire Security Partitions Produced to Code

Wire security partitions provide flexible, onsite storage for warehouses, apartments, employees, and military personnel. Wire security partitions can be an economical choice by utilizing existing space in your facility without compromising security. These partitions allow light exposure and airflow required without jeopardizing strength and these units are built to last. They are a terrific solution when secure storage is needed in your facility while still allowing free movement around the secure area.

Section 1: What Is a Wire Security Partition?

A wire security partition is a simple, low-cost way to provide secure, offsite storage in a new build environment. Partition walls can be constructed with the right kind of material and engineered for strength. Within your facility, partitions can be constructed using prefabricated or manufactured frames that are performed to produce a secure, long-lasting, efficient partition that doesn’t sacrifice the elements. This is done by ensuring that these partitions are made using standard, industry-standard partitions. With proper engineering, wire security partitions don’t need a thick layer of framing for protection and can be used in a variety of design solutions. One such example is the Mirror Driven Wire Security Partition.

Why Wire Security Partitions?

It is important to note the use of wire security partitions is based on military guidelines in conjunction with ISO standards. The partitions are manufactured with extreme precision to ensure they meet those standards. With the ISO and military standards, the build quality and operation can be considered among the highest in the industry.

The partitions are available in four sizes with storage capacities ranging from 16” to more than 30” wide, 12” to more than 35” high and with a depth of up to 4”. Custom design and standards are available to accommodate the needs of the military, warehouse, or warehouse owner.

Worker Safety, Security, And Environment

Access to the room is through double-door access to the partitioned room for limited exit and entries for security.

When to Use Wire Security Partitions

Currently, our state-of-the-art SafePoint Security Products are manufactured in the United States. Manufacturing in America provides the company with local customer service, logistics, and shipping that our European customers desire. Europe has an outsourced manufacturing solution and they take pride in offering a quality product at a reasonable cost. The SafePoint Solutions we manufacture, such as the EER in-cab packages, are built to last and are proudly made in America.

How to Install Wire Security Partitions

Wire security partitions are a good option for secure storage for warehouses, apartments, offices, military, schools, and any other facility requiring secure storage for some of their equipment or in-house personal items.

What to Know Before Installing a Wire Security Partition

There are many differences when installing a wire security partition. Learn about the top challenges that you may face with installation and what to consider before installing a wire security partition.

The most common question asked by residents and managers is “what can I do with the wire security partition?” This is where considerations like height and dimensions, wire length, and panel configuration come into play. If you know the access needs of your building, then plan for these needs as well. The answers to these questions will help ensure a successful installation.

How to Install a Wire Security Partition

Wiring partitions and wire cage partitions are commonly seen in facilities around the world, but there are other design options available including DIY options and custom-built units. Wire cages and wire partitions are typically made with metal, silicone, or plastic wire. A professional installation is required for each type of enclosure.

Wire cages typically have three layers of steel wire and are held together with hinges or piers. Wire cages are secured to floors with hardware, straps, or gravity. Wire cages are designed to be secured so that each layer of wire is accessible.

To protect sensitive equipment and/or documents, a secured wire security partition is a great choice. Wire security partitions provide the same benefits as wire cages but have a lower cost and weight.


While it is highly unlikely that someone could gain access to your critical or sensitive data through the perimeter fence, one cannot underestimate the fact that one cannot know when intruders are coming to your property. It is important to maintain a secure facility while still allowing the business to function as usual. Monitoring and security cameras are still a good option but when the cost is a factor, the Wire Security sectional partition might be a good alternative.

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